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David and Mary (Dahlinger) Kraus, who arrived in the US on 31 July 1876. I believe they were the first or second immigrants to the US from Alexandertal.
David, born: 9 May 1843, Schilling
d ied: 9 Feb 1922, Arlington, KS
Mary, born: 17 Mar 1850, Russia
died: 29 Dec 1916 Arlington, KS



Birth certificate of Dora (Kraus) Schissler, supplied by David Mueller.




Dora (Kraus) and Jacob B. Schissler. Dora is the daughter of Samuel and Katharina Margaretha (Roth) Kraus.





Marie Kaufmann, sister-in-law of Alexander Meier. She stayed behind in Russia to take care of her parents, and married a Bender.  She was last heard from in the early 1960's.  Contact was subsequently lost.  Supplied by Janet Deason.




Alexander Meier died in Alexandertal, date unknown. Supplied by Janet Deason.





Samuel Kraus and his wife Katharina Margaretha (Roth) or "Sam and Maggie".  Sam was the youngest brother of David Kraus. They arrived in the US with a fairly large Alexandertaler Kraus party on 4 June 1887.  Their picture was taken about 1900 in Marion County, Kansas, Supplied by Keith Mueller.